Styles strike from above..


Dondi Whole Car


West Coast Flix Vol.2

Creepin through the grimiest swamps, benching the ill frieghts and climbing up to dizzying heaven spots, Hardcore Heidi always comes in the clutch with the dope photos!

Once again props to Hardcore Heidi and her friends for the flix! Always keepin it real with the Cali Steez

Style Wars

Heres a lil clip from one of my favorite documentaries.

Definitely on my top 5 documentaries of all time list. Style Wars captures the essence of early HipHop culture in the New york of the Late 70s and early 80s. Saying New York was wild back in the day is definitely an understatement, even though i didnt grow up during that era it sure looked like a helluvalotta fun. (droppin that archiac new york shit on ya head) This documentary is a must watch for anyone wanting to know the origins, learn ya history kidz!