Styles strike from above..


Jurne, Dement, Twigs, Enron & MWM – Oakland, California


Merkin’ and Thizzin’ in da Bay

Heidi keepin’ it hardcore as always. She merkt this roll of film with the ill burners out in San Francisco! MAD PROPS we def gotta trade flix!

West Coast Flix Vol.2

Creepin through the grimiest swamps, benching the ill frieghts and climbing up to dizzying heaven spots, Hardcore Heidi always comes in the clutch with the dope photos!

Once again props to Hardcore Heidi and her friends for the flix! Always keepin it real with the Cali Steez

California Theater building

Twist One goes big in San Diego on the abandoned California Theater building in San Diego.

photo cred: Hardcore Heidi


Zes takes bombing to another level. My dude makes spiderman look like a creampuff..