Styles strike from above..

Summer Jam

You know its summer when ya take the party to that parks!
Breakers, DJs and writers..everyone and their moms was gettin loose. literally. Akay is holding down the ill photo gig this summer workin with a dope oldschool hiphop photographer, so i had to come thru! Two deep. Two cameras. No scratch or windmill was left uncaptured..

The legendary Bobbito on the wheels of steel

This girl was burnin the floor! Its good to see kids keepin the spirit alive, she was killin it!

This young dude was breakin like no other, he was burnin cats 4times his age, mad talent.

Akay caught this De La Vega mural..Spanish Harlem has alot of public art, its dope to see a community rep their colors on a wall


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