Styles strike from above..

FIGMENT @ Governor’s Island

Last weekend I went on a journey with Akay to Govenor’s Island to check out the FIGMENT arts festival. It was definitely something outta the ordinary, especially in NYC where ya see the craziest shit sometimes. It felt like a hybrid  Renn Fayre 10.0 and Alice in Wonder land.  The crowd was extremely diverse ranging from washed up pot head hippies to the youngest kids just having the illest time exploring their creative side. Obviously, there was a certain aroma of herbs in the air, but i won’t name any names or point any fingers..

One of the projects set up was writing postcards to Obama…definitely had to hit that up

these paintings were created by motorized toy tanks dipped in paint..

This sign was at the entrance to the dungeons below. Govenor’s Island used to hold Fort Jay, a military defensive post built by the British and later used by the American forces during the Revolutionary War…

Figment used the dungeon’s to house these interactive projects…these Lights were controlled by a hamsterball with a sensor inside which followed the movements of the person holding the ball to create patterns of light and sound. Shit was off the rocker

Definitely had a sick time at Figment, gotta hit it up next year!

When we got back to reality we saw some Black Israelites fighting with some hipster white dudes claiming that they “saved” black people from slavery…definitely a funny ass bout to watch..

If you don’t know these dudes…they go really hard..a lil bit too hard actually.


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