Styles strike from above..

Who’s gettin up? vol.1

Portland is definitely not the most graff’d up city, so i was super siked to get back to NYC and see whose been getting up while i was away. Definitely seen some old names up, but there are some new names that i’ve seen everywhere. Props to those gettin’ up and going all city.

I’ll be updating this series weekly documenting the names i see as i explore this concrete jungle.

This guy is wrecking the city. Outta towners get hate, especially from new york writers for some reason. As long as they get up and respect the vets, wats the problem? Props to adek, hes everywhere!

Miss17 looks like she making the ill comback this year. She completely destroyed flatbush ave in BK. Hats off to miss17, all city once again!

These dudes come correct with the ill handstyles. They got the sticker game on lock right now

More to come real soon..


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